Group Facebook Video Chat

Yesterday, I showed you how to video chat with Facebook. (Click here to read that article.)

But you don’t have to limit your video chat to just two people. Up to 50 people can be part of a chat, though you can only see six at a time.

Open Facebook and click on the Message icon at the top.  If you already have a group chat going, you can open it.


Then click on the camera icon.


Or click on New Group to start a group chat.

new group

This window will open.


Name your chat and add a profile picture if you like.


Select who you’d like to join the group.


Create the group.


Your group will become active.


To call the group, just click on the video icon.


Decide if you want to call all or just some members.


The call will ring.

call will ring

Here’s what a chat screen with three people looks like.


To end the call, just tap the phone icon.

Tomorrow, I’ll show you some fun features of your group chat.

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