Protect your Zoom call!

All this week, we’ve been learning about using the Zoom video app. Today, I’ve got an important security tip for preventing strangers from interrupting your calls.

There have been issues during large group or public meetings with what’s called Zoom bombing.

People have interrupted online classes and business meetings with silly antics, cursing, and even pornography.  Here’s how to protect your call.

One way to stay safe is to make sure not to share the links to your Zoom meeting publicly. Don’t post on Facebook or any other public forum. Send links via messages or emails.

To tighten your settings, go to and click on My account.


On the left, click on Settings.


Choose the Meeting tab.


When you scroll down, you’ll see options to require passwords to join meetings. If you’re worried about interruptions, turn them on.


Then scroll down and set the screen sharing option so that only the host can share images.


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