A reader is having issues viewing her favorite Zoo cams.

“I’d like you to know how helpful this site is to me! It is always the first thing I read online! Thanks for being there! You are appreciated! Now, my problem; I watch a lot of live cams, like from zoos, etc.

Recently, one Zoo’s cams; all of them!; are no longer live; they are just photos!! I did contact them. They were sorry, it had been corrected, and thanked me for watching. No such luck; none of them still move! I’ve checked other zoos ‘live cams; they are all still live, but not this main one! What do you think I should do next? I really love that zoo, and would like for it to be “live” again!”

Since live cams from other sites are working, it’s probably not anything on your end. You could try viewing in another browser just in case that’s the issue.  And you’ll want to try clearing the cache on your browser. For most browsers pressing Ctrl + Shift + Delete will bring up the option to clear the cache.


The problem could be the cache on the zoo’s website or some other technical glitch. With many workers no longer on-site or working from home these days, they might be having issues getting into where they need to be to fix it.

Also, these days there’s a greater demand on networks with so many people working from home or just using the Internet to kill time. Also, many of the zoo employees who are able to work from home may be logging into their network all at once and slowing things down.

If that’s the case, I’m afraid patience is your only option. I’m sure they’re working hard to fix the problem.  Hope I can continue to be of help.