What is MMS

A reader has a question about messaging:

“Can you tell me what an MMS email is? Have gotten many files like this from different people but none will open.”

MMS stands for multi media messaging. MMS allows you to receive images, slideshows, short videos, and other media.

If MMS isn’t downloading properly, there could be several reasons. First, let’s make sure your phone is set up to receive them.

If you have an Android phone, here’s how you can set it to retrieve MMS automatically.

Open your texting app and click on the menu icon. Your phone may look slightly different.


Then select Settings.


Choose Conversations.


Scroll down to MMS and make sure Automatically Retrieve is turned on.


If that doesn’t fix the problem, there are other possibilities.

Someone could be sending images or animations from a texting app that your message app doesn’t support. I sometimes see this when I get messages from iPhone users.

You may have too many text messages with media saved on your phone. Try clearing them out.

You can also try clearing the cache of your texting app. Open Settings on your phone and scroll down to Apps. Tap to open.


Scroll down to your messaging app and tap to open.


Choose Storage.


Then pick Clear Cache.





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