Looking for something different to eat? I have a few ideas for you. Normally, when I send you to a CoolSite, it’s a little further away than this website, but today I’ve decided to introduce you to my lesser-known recipes category.

A couple of people asked me recently about my Aunt Joyce’s Pig Lickin’ Cake recipe recently and it got me to thinking about the many recipes I’ve blogged over the years. I’ve slowed down a little since I went on a low-carb eating plan.  (Coincidentally, I’ve also lost 80 pounds.)

I’ve got 47 recipes that range from a delicious box-mix cake to light and luscious salads to my famous Thanksgiving sides. My most viewed-recipe is also the most controversial: liver and onions.  I say my version is the best there is.

Seriously though, try the pig lickin’ cake. You won’t be sorry.