Crime Scene Dollhouses

There are two things I really love: true crime and dollhouses. I’m also a history buff. So when I find a site that offers the history of true crime dollhouse, I’m pretty excited.

When you land on this site, you’ll learn all about Frances Glessner Lee a pioneer in forensics.  Lee was the first female police captain in the United States is called the “mother of forensic science.”

She created these 1/12 scale miniatures to train crime scene investigators. The site showcases these amazingly detailed miniatures displayed in an exhibit called Murder in Her Hobby: Frances Glessner Lee and The Nutshell Studies of Unexplained Death


When you land, you can skip straight to the video or image gallery from the exhibit, but I’d read about Glessner Lee’s  fascinating history first, so you can truly appreciate these amazing miniature rooms.

You can even take a virtual tour inside the dollhouses.

Frankly, I’m inspired. Both as a mystery writer and a miniature fan. Click the link to get started.





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