Automatically Delete Alexa Recordings

I told you yesterday how Alexa records and stores a lot of what you say. (Click here to read that tip.)  Today, I’ll give you some tips for easily or automatically deleting recordings.

First, I’ll show you how to delete the recordings Alexa stores with your voice. Start by opening the Alexa app and tapping the menu icon at the top left.

When the app opens, tap the menu icon at the top left.


Tap on Alexa Privacy.


Tap on Review Voice History.


Move the switch next to Enable deletion by voice to the On position. Once it’s turned on you’ll be able to delete recordings by saying, “Alexa, delete what I just said.” or “Alexa, delete everything I’ said today.”

enable-deletion-by voice

Your other option is to automatically delete everything you say. Not this could affect how well Alexa works for you. ‘She’ won’t learn by recognizing your voice or by the types of tasks you ask for. Open Alexa Privacy as described above and choose Manage Your Alexa Data.


Slide Automatically delete recordings into the On position.



The app will try to talk you out of it. But if you’re sure, hit Confirm.


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