How can I tell if I’m in Airplane mode?

A reader wants to know how to tell if a laptop is in Airplane Mode.

“How does one know if a laptop is in Airplane mode? What is the indication, and where?”

Airplane Mode means that WiFi capabilities are turned off on the device. Accidentally activating Airplane Mode is a good way to mysteriously shut off your WiFi. (It used to be a hobby of mine.)

On a Windows 10 PC, you may see a little airplane icon in your system tray.


Or you can tap the Notification Center icon.


You may have a tile for Airplane mode.  If it’s highlighted in blue, Airplane mode is turned on.


If you don’t see Airplane mode, tap on Network.


If Airplane mode is enabled, it will be highlighted in blue. Just tap WiFi to switch to a wireless network.


You can also just type Airplane mode in the start menu and click on the results.


You’ll be able to see if Airplane mode is switched on. You can turn it off with a tap and then choose to reconnect to your WiFi connection.


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