Help! No audio on my laptop

A reader has no sound on her laptop”

“I have no audio on my HP Windows 10 laptop. That’s OK most of the time because I’m not nuts about sound effects with games, etc., but yesterday I wanted to join a blog on decluttering and I had to end up using my phone (which wasn’t loud enough even with earphones). I’ve read about sound being compromised after a Windows 10 update. Is that what’s wrong and how do I fix it (cheap? like free?)”

Let’s start by exploring the root of the issue. Try plugging in headphones or earbuds and listening. Do you have any sound then? If you do, the issue is the speakers for your laptop. If there’s no sound with or without earbuds the problem is probably the soundcard in your PC.  It could be a driver issue due to the update. It might also be a mechanical problem.

Let’s start by running the Troubleshooter took on your PC. Type “Troubleshoot” into your search box and click on the results.


Scroll down to Playing Audio. Click on it.


Choose Run Troubleshooter.


The Troubleshooter will look for issues.


It may come back with a suggestion that solves your problems.





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