How Can I Copy Message Text?

A reader wants to know how to copy text from a message on their smartphone:

On my Apple iPhone, is there a way to copy a text conversation between the same two people that was over a long period? Back & forth remarks that are important?

The quickest way would just be to take a screenshot of the comments. That would give you an image but not editable text. If you prefer text, here’s how to get it.

This will work for Messages on iPhones, messaging or text apps on Android, and I’ll even show you how to do it if you happen to use a browser.


On most phones or tablets, you can just press down and hold on the message bubble until a menu pops up offering you a chance to copy. It might say Copy Message Text or Copy.


For Facebook Messenger’s mobile app, there’s a menu at the bottom of the screen.


Once you choose Copy, pick a place to paste. You could paste in a note program or a word processor. If you need to move the text to another device, just open up your email app and address an email to yourself. Then press and hold in the blank field where you’d normally write the email. You’ll get a Paste option.


Tap the Paste option and your text will appear in the email.


If you’re using a messaging app on a computer, you can also copy by just highlighting the test. Here’s how you do it using the Messages app on a Mac. Just highlight and press Command + C.


Here’s what it would look like using the Facebook app in a browser on a PC. Just select and press Ctrl + C.


Then open up a word processor or note program and paste the comments.







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