Customize Touchpad Gestures

Yesterday we learned about options for adjusting the speed and sensitivity of your touchpad. (Click here if you’d like to read that tip)  Today, we’ll look at how to control what happens when you make gestures on the touchpad.

To start, type Touchpad settings into the search box and click on the result.

Touchpad settings

Scroll down to your scroll and zoom options. You can choose if dragging two fingers on the touchpad allows you to scroll and whether making a pinching motion on your touchpad allows you to zoom in and out.


Your next options are to control what happens when you use three fingers on the touchpad.


Click the drop-down arrow under Swipes select what happens when you swipe.


Click the arrow under Taps to select what happens when you tap.


To reset your touchpad to defaults, just choose Reset.




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    I couldn’t find a “message bubble” on Samsung Galaxy S8+ The technique worked except that it didn’t copy the entire thread – only the comment I pressed on. Is there a way to “Select All”?

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