Windows 10 Touchpad Speed

If you’re finding your Windows 10 touchpad tricky to use, there are a lot of ways to adjust the settings to make it easier to use. Start by typing Touchpad Settings in the search box and click on the result.

Touchpad settings

When the settings open, you could decide to turn your touchpad off completely. If you always use a mouse, it’s a good option. You can also untick the box next to Leave the touchpad on when a mouse is connected. If you sometimes use the touchpad, you could uncheck the box.

If you find that the touchpad sometimes gets away from you, change the speed of the touchpad, click and drag the handle under Change the cursor speed.


If you find that your touchpad is too difficult to activate or way too sensitive to the tough, you can adjust the sensitivity.


Tap the arrow in the box under Touchpad sensitivity. You choose from Low sensitivity, Medium sensitivity, High sensitivity, or Most sensitive.


Your next options are for controlling what happens when you tap the touchpad.


Controlling these options could make your touchpad a bit easier to use.



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