Can I keep my email?

A reader is concerned about her email now that Internet Explorer is no longer compatible with many sites:

“When I turn on my PC and go to my usual browser, which is IE, I keep getting that it is no longer supported, but my email address being what it is (Hotmail)  it goes to Outlook. Am I going to have to move my pictures or anything else? I now have an account with Gmail, but have not done anything on it as yet, like send emails etc. How do I transfer all my contacts to Gmail?”


Good news! The browser you use has absolutely nothing to do with your ability to access your email. You can open up Outlook online in any browser you want, Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera… you name it.

Just go to and log in. Your browser also has absolutely nothing to do with your pictures.

A browser like Internet Explorer is just a program that allows you to go places on the Internet. One of those places is your online email inbox.

I hope that helps!

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