Help! Zoom Audio Issues

A reader has a question about the volume on Zoom.

“I have a question about being heard when I’m on Zoom.  Is there some way to increase the volume. To me it appears like the slide is all the way up 100%.  Others say they can’t hear me.   HELP Please!”

If the issue is others being able to hear you, the problem could be your microphone. If you’re depending on the built-in microphone on a laptop, tablet, or phone it’s possible that it’s not powerful enough to pick you up. There could also be interference from other sounds in the room.

You can test your microphone by opening the Zoom app and clicking the Settings icon.

zoom settings

Then select Audio.


Then click on Test Mic to check the levels.

You’ll be able to see how the volume registers and hear a playback. If others are having a problem hearing you, consider unticking the box next to Automatically adjust volume. Background noise might confuse the auto settings. If that doesn’t help, it may just be that you need a better microphone.


If hearing others is the issue, you can also test the speaker from the Audio Settings. I’ve found that it’s easier to hear other people if you wear headphones or earbuds. It’s also possible that the person you’re talking to may either need a better microphone or has too much background noise happening.


Click on Advanced in the lower right corner of Audio Settings.


You’ll find options to disable or suppress background noise.



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