Themes and Fonts Won’t Work

A reader contacted me about my article regarding the Themes and Font add-on to Thunderbird. That free app allowed you to change text size as well as color and font in the email client:

“Cyn, enjoy your emails. Liked the article about the TB update. I don’t do many alterations to the basic client. But I thought I would give this one a try. However, I have an issue. I am running version 68.7.0 and when I went to find the “Themes and Fonts (fixed)”, it said it was only for versions up to 65. But even before that, when I went to the 3 bars to go to Add-ons, and clicked on Add-ons, I had no menu choice to even go search for new add-ons. TB seems to work with no issues, so not quite sure why the option is missing. Let me know if you might have a fix for this. Thanks.”


Alas, it’s like the folks at Thunderbird are psychic. No sooner that I added the extension to my version of Thunderbird and wrote a few articles about… BOOM! They upgraded the Thunderbird email client and it no longer works.

Thanks ever-so-much guys! My import/export tool also bit the dust. But there is still hope. Thunderbird is open-source, so developers are free to work on extensions. The folks behind the font size changer extension may be able to update it to be compatible with future versions of Thunderbird.

Or it’s possible that the folks behind Thunderbird are purposely tweaking the design to make it impossible to adjust the size. If the size of the font is a big issue, a user could always go back to using a previous version of Thunderbird.

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