Manage Subscriptions In Outlook

If you use as your email provider, there’s a quick way to manage your email subscriptions.

Let’s take a look at how it works. Start by heading to your inbox. At the top right, click on the Settings gear.


Type Subscriptions in the Search Box. Then click on the results.


You’ll see a list of all of your email subscriptions. I was quite surprised to find out how many emails I’d subscribed to.


At the far right of each subscription, you’ll see the option to Unsubscribe.


When you click on Unsubscribe, you’ll be asked for permission to take you to the web page for the subscription.


Then you’ll be notified that you’ve successfully unsubscribed.


It’s a quick and convenient way to clean up your inbox.


2 thoughts on “Manage Subscriptions In Outlook

  1. This sounds nice and simple: but is this the web version of Outlook? I have Outlook mail client on my PC as part of the Microsoft 365 suite – and the ribbon menu is a bewildering array of options, none of which I’ve found to unsubscribe to email lists. Cynthia, I’d LOVE to tame this beast so it shows what I need it to, in the order I need it! Like my 7 email accounts, which I’d like to see ONLY the inboxes and no other folders! That way I know what’s new and what’s not. I have a screen shot, but cannot post it here. Thank you!

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