Too much Spam!

A reader is unhappy with the amount of spam in her inbox:

“I get more spam in my Outlook/hotmail then legitimate email. How can remedy the situation? Btw, it’s it’s in my regular inbox, not Other. Thank you”

That can certainly be frustrating. Frankly, there’s no simple answer. First, you could start off by making sure all of the spam actually is spam.

If any of it is something you’ve signed up for in the past and no longer want, make sure you find the unsubscribe link.  Outlook offers an easy unsubscribe solution. You can click here to learn now it works.


Also, if you’re receiving notifications from social media accounts, make sure to go into the settings for that account and turn off notification emails.

Another thing you can do is make sure to mark all of the spam as spam. Marking unwanted messages as spam teaches your inbox to dump messages like that into your spam folder.

You could also create a Safe Sender list. Open you inbox and click the Settings gear at the top right.


Type Safe Sender in the search box. Click on the results.


Under Junk email, you’ll find several options.


You can block certain centers and domains that seem to be a source of spam.


Click Add to type in the address or domain.


You can also create Safe Sender and Safe Mailing List lists to make sure you receive the messages you want.

If you find that none of this helps, it may be time to create a new email address.


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