What’s Up With Microsoft Mahjong

A reader is doing a pretty good job troubleshooting some glitches with Microsoft Mahjong.

I really enjoy playing the challenges every morning but recently they modified their program and no one likes it. My problem is that for no apparent reason the program will shut down, no warning, no clock ticking, no flashing, just poof you’re back to the main menu screen.

Is that likely to be an issue with their update or is it because so many people are working from home and the usage gets overloaded…or both?

You’re already doing a pretty good job of troubleshooting the issue. If no other apps are having similar issues, it is most likely due to the recent update or to a whole lot of users.


One thing you might want to try is uninstalling and reinstalling the app. When good apps go bad, this can sometimes help.

To uninstall, find Microsoft Mahjong in your start menu and right-click. The choose Uninstall.


Then go to the Microsoft Store to download and install again.



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