Google Makes Meet Free

With the boom in video conferencing, Google has decided to make its Meet video conferencing free for everyone. Previously it was only available if you were paying for the premium version of Gmail.

Let’s take a look at how to use it. In a browser, start by opening your Gmail inbox. You’ll find the Meet option at the bottom left of your inbox. Just click on Start a meeting to get going.


This screen will open.


Click on Join Now.


Copy the joining info to copy and paste into a message or an email to invite others. Or click on Add people.


Select from your Gmail contacts or type in an address.


Here’s what the invite to join looks like. Users can join from nearly any browser. No software downloads required. You can also download the Google Meet app from the Android or iPhone store for your mobile device.


The controls are fairly simple. At the bottom of the screen you can turn audio and video off and on. And you can also end the call.


One really neat feature of Meet is the ability to add captions.


The voice recognition software does a pretty good job of transcribing what you say.


Up to 250 people can join your meeting.




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