How To Save An Image From The Web

One of my most frequently asked questions around here is how to save images from the Internet.

So let’s look at some basics.  We’ll use an image from this website as an example.


In a browser on your PC, right-click on the image. This menu should pop up. Select Save Image As from the menu.


Then choose where you want to save it on your computer.


Another option is to select, Copy image.


Open up a program like Paint and paste the image.


You can then edit the image if you wish. Or just save it wherever you choose.


If you come across a picture that doesn’t give you an option to save, you can take a screenshot. Hit the PrtScn key on your keyboard. Then open up a program like Paint and Paste.


You can then crop out the part you want using the tools in Paint.


Then save the cropped image.


2 thoughts on “How To Save An Image From The Web

  1. I looked for paint and paste in the MS store however, it wasn’t there. Where may I find it, please?

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