Love Messenger, Hate Facebook

A reader hates Facebook but loves the messaging capabilities.

“Here’s the problem I’m stuck with: I despise Facebook and want to delete it completely! However, until I can find a suitable replacement for the Messenger app (which is part of the Facebook account), I can only deactivate it. If I delete the account, I lose contact with everyone on Messenger, as it’s gone, too. I’m not at the point yet that I can cut those lines of communication.”

The good news for you is that you don’t need a Facebook Account to use Messenger. You can sign up with just your phone number from a smartphone.

Or you could get the Messenger app from the Windows or Apple app store and just never visit your Facebook feed.

Keep in mind that you can control what you see on your Facebook Feed. If you don’t want to be bothered with looking at posts, don’t follow any pages. You can also unfollow all of your friends. That way you still have them as friends should you want to post something.

Just click the three-dot menu icon next to any post. Then choose Unfollow from the drop-down menu.



2 thoughts on “Love Messenger, Hate Facebook

  1. I gave up Facebook entirely in November of 2018. I went into the hospital for surgery and decided while there that I don’t need Facebook ruling my life. They decided what I could see and when I could see it. I could not necessarily go back and see what i looked at yesterday. The “feed” was not in chronological order and was as Facebook was deciding what news and information I could get from my contacts. I said, NO! And, I stopped looking at Facebook and have not looked back. My life if much better and I have gained two to three hours a day to use for more productive ventures. If more people would realize what a time waster Facebook is, they would also drop this useless “service.” Wake up people, Facebook is consuming a lot of your time and sucking you into “window peeping” while watching what people are eating, where they are eating and who they are eating with. Whoopee! They have a lot more productive things to do with their time. Stay in touch? Yes. Are there better ways? Absolutely!

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