Why Not Text?

A reader had a suggestion regarding a previous article:

I wanted to comment about the person who wanted messages using Facebook but not being involved with Facebook.

Why can’t he just text? I learned it during Irma. Go to a contact, scan down to send message, choose which contact phone number she wants to use (doesn’t work for land lines, only cell phones). Click on Send Message, a box comes up with a place to type message, (can also send/receive photos), then click the right box at top of message, and it sends. His friend’s reply comes back there and you can develop as much interaction as desired – w/o Facebook. All he needs is contacts cell phone number, no registering, etc. Been doing it since Irma.

Texting is always a great option for communication. But there can be some drawbacks:

  • When you text, you can only communicate with others who have phones with texting capabilities.
  • Facebook messaging allows you to communicate with people on phones, tablets, and computers.
  • Many users have limited amounts of data on their texting plans. They may be charged if they go over.
  • You can use Facebook messages on WiFi and have an unlimited amount of messages.
  • Messenger allows you to have video, audio, and text conversations.

I’m so glad you learned to text. We should never hesitate to embrace new technology. Depending on the circumstances texting may be the better option for many.

3 thoughts on “Why Not Text?

  1. That’s a good idea – but what about people with friends on Facebook with whom it would be difficult to text? For example, some of my friends are overseas: so all my international contacts would need to switch to Telegram or other messaging service. It would not be reasonable for anyone to expect all their contacts to move off FB Messenger just because they aren’t comfortable with the platform. Email is a viable option, albeit not really a messaging service.

  2. Does FB work when you have no iPhone connection? That’s why we’d learned to text as there was no iPhone connection & power was out also. But we could text. Trish

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