Beginner Guitar Chords

Ever thought about learning to play the guitar? I’d like to, but I lack the patience to spend forever picking up the bases. This site promises to get you making music almost immediately.

The secret? You’ll learn three basic guitar chords that can get you strumming away on popular songs before you know it.

The chords in question are: A-majorD-major, and E-major (also known as just A, D & E chords)

The site features step-by-step instructions combined with handy charts that show you just where to put your fingers.


There are also simple instructional videos to help you get going.


Once you pick up the basics, you can move on to popular songs that you can play with just three chords. Once you master the basics, the site gives you the option to spice up your playing by learning dominant 7th Chords.

Get started now:

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