Get New Email Notifications in Windows 10

I heard from two readers who wanted to know if there was a way to receive a sound notification when they receive email.

“Is there a way you can have important email pop up in a notification set up? My family will send me something important they need me to do. and unless they actually call me or come see if I did whatever they ask, I never know because I am actually doing other things on the computer and not constantly scanning the emails. I click on the important symbol and star rating, but there is still no pop-up notification (hope this makes sense).”

“Years ago I had a computer that beeped when a new email arrived, is there any way to get my Windows 10 to do that? Thank you.”

My first thought is that if emails aren’t a great way to get in touch with you, perhaps your family should consider messaging instead. Most messaging apps do have a pop-up or alert of some type.

If you have your Windows Mail email client set up to receive messages, you can have Windows notify you when a new message arrives.

Start by typing notifications in the search box and clicking on the result.

notifications and actions

Scroll down to Mail and turn on the notifications.


Click on Mail to see more options.  You can choose to have a banner pop up at the lower-right when new mail arrives. You can also turn on a sound to alert you.


When you receive an email, a notification will pop up at the lower-right accompanied by a sound.




2 thoughts on “Get New Email Notifications in Windows 10

  1. This is great for emails, but how do I stop DINGS on my phone at night coming in from Facebook’s Messenger? This just started after I visited Facebook yesterday, and clicked on “Like” so I would continue getting favorite people’s postings to continue appearing on my Facebook page? I didn’t want notifications, only that I would continue READING news. How do I stop Notifications from Messenger except family only?

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