How to tell if an email is real

A reader has a great tip about spotting a phishing scheme email.

“I received an email on June 5, from It set off alarms, because, while I do have an Instagram account, the email for the account is different than my personal account. However, all my email is directed to the account to which it was sent, so I wasn’t sure. I looked it up and found out how to investigate scam Instagram emails (in the security settings, you can see any emails actually sent by Instagram). There were none.”

What great advice! I always say you should head to the website or app for your account to investigate if you think it’s possible that an alert or email is legitimate.


Did you know that same feature is also available for Facebook?  In a browser, you can click the drop-down arrow at the top right and choose Settings.


Then choose Security and Login.


Scroll down to Advanced and click view next to See recent emails from Facebook.


You’ll see a list of emails, the address they were sent to, and the subject.


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