Font Squirrel Font Identifier

If you’ve ever needed to identify a particular font in an image, I’ve got a handy site for you. I first discovered it when I was helping a fellow author put together a book cover. He wanted to use the same font as the first book in the series. However, he’d lost touch with his original graphic artist and wasn’t sure of the name of the font.

Font Squirrel to the rescue!  This handy site not only easily helped you identify fonts, it helps you find them to download. It’ll even find free versions of the font in question.

Here’s how it works.  start by  heading over to the Font Squirrel Matcherator:


Then click on Upload Image. You can then drag and drop or select the image from a file. You can also enter the web address with the font you want to use.


Drag the text box to highlight the text you want to match.


You also have the option to rotate the box to pick text that’s at an angle. When you’re satisfied, click on Matcherate it!


Click on Manually Adjust to modify your selecton.


This is particularly helpful if Font Squirrel has an issue finding your font.


Though, most of the time, it returns a lot of results right away. Usually, you’ll get your font and several similar fonts.


There are options to head to a site to buy the font and also options for free versions.


Click to be taken to the page to purchase or download.



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