Facebook Mobile Notifications

Is your phone going nuts with Facebook notifications? Let’s take a look at how to control them.

Start by opening the app on your phone. Click the three-line menu bar.


Scroll down to Settings and Privacy and tap it. Then tap Settings.


Scroll down to Notifications.  It’s a long scroll. But keep going. Then choose Notification Settings.


You’ll see a long list of notification options. Let’s skip that for now and scroll all the way to the bottom for Where you Receive Notifications.


You have three options:

  • Push – which are notifications from your phone
  • Email
  • SMS – which are text messages

Tap on any of them to change the settings and turn off notifications.

For example, I can turn off any and all phone notifications. Just tap the slider bar to turn off sounds, vibrations, and lights.


I have Email set to Only email me about my account


If you’re getting email notifications, just tap to change.


If you’re receiving notifications via text, just hop in and turn them off. These can be particularly problematic for someone without unlimited texting. They are also incredibly annoying.


Tomorrow, I’ll show you how to control specific types of notifications.

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