Facebook Mobile Notifications: Part 2

Yesterday, I showed you how to control where you receive Facebook notifications on your phone. (Click here to read that article)

Start by opening the app on your phone. Click the three-line menu bar.


Scroll down to Settings and Privacy and tap it. Then tap Settings.


Scroll down to Notifications.  It’s a long scroll. But keep going. Then choose Notification Settings.


You’ll see a long list of notification options. We’ll start by tapping Comments. The default is in-app only. That means you’ll only see notifications when you open the Facebook app.


Once you open you can choose to receive additional notifications on your phone, notifications via text message, or notifications via email.  I’d suggest making sure all of these are turned off, unless you really love notifications.


If I tap on Updates From Friends, I can choose to turn off the notifications completely if I want. If you’re getting a bunch of update notifications, I’d turn off the Push notification and just settle for in-app.


You can go down the list one by one and set individual options for a wide range of notifications.


If you find you’re getting a lot of game and app notification, scroll down to Other Notifications. Tap on it, and make sure to turn them off.



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