Outlook’s New Look

A reader finds Outlook’s Menu to be confusing.

“I have Outlook mail client on my PC as part of the Microsoft 365 suite – and the ribbon menu is a bewildering array of options, none of which I’ve found to unsubscribe to email lists. Cynthia, I’d LOVE to tame this beast so it shows what I need it to, in the order I need it! Like my 7 email accounts, which I’d like to see ONLY the inboxes and no other folders! That way I know what’s new and what’s not. I have a screen shot, but cannot post it here. Thank you!”

I wonder if you’re singing a different tune after the most recent update to Office 365. Outlook has a streamlined inbox look that I’m loving. Let’s check it out!

When I first opened the updated Outlook, I got this message.

Welcome Outlook simplified

This inbox is certainly cleaner that it was before.


At the left, you’ll find your folders.


At the bottom left, icons to navigate between Mail, Calendar, People, and Tasks.


Click the three-dot icon for more options.


The top ribbon has pretty simple controls. Home is your standard inbox.


Click on File to see your account information or add new accounts. From here you can also change mailbox settings or add automatic replies, and rules.


From the inbox, you have easy controls for creating a new email, moving, replying, and forwarding.  You can also type in the Tell me what you want to do box for help.


At the right side of the ribbons are options to mark importance, search the People App, check your address book, and filter emails.


Just click on filtered for a drop-down menu.


The three-dot menu icon offers more options for marking, moving, and setting up rules. You can also choose Read Aloud.


Click the arrow at the far-right to see more stuff on the ribbon menu.


If you don’t want this full view, click that arrow again to collapse it.


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