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One handy feature of the new Microsoft Edge is the ability to start Collections. A collection is kind of a virtual notebook that allows you to add snippets of text or images. It differs from a bookmark in that you aren’t limited to adding just a whole page. You can add snippets or images and make notes.

Start by opening Microsoft Edge.  You’ll find the Collections icon at the top right of the page.


The Collections panel will pop out at the right.


Click on Start new collection.


The default name is New collection. 


Just type in the box to change the name.


Click on Add current page to add the address for the website you’re currently on.


Click the Add note icon to make notes.


Type in the note and click the checkmark to save.


Try highlighting a bit of text.


Then drag and drop it to the collection.


You can do the same with images. Just click on it, drag to the panel, and release the mouse button.


Click the back arrow to exit your current collection.


Click Start new collection to begin another collection.


When you click the Collections icon, your collection of collections will display in the panel.


Make sure to click that back arrow to exit out of your collection to see your entire selection.






3 thoughts on “Edge Collections

  1. When I put a lot of items in a collection, they appear across the top of my screen (in icons). I can click on one and see what it was. What appears on the right side of the screen, only indicates a collection, but there I can’t see the entire collection – the icons across the top of the screen is where I can actually view things.

  2. Hi Cyn.
    I made it work, but what I wanted to add is in a Word doc.
    I tried dragging and copying.
    How can I get it into Edge in order to be able to make a collection?
    It occurred to me, that when I try to send an image to my friends’ smartphones, it gets the notification, but nothing else …even when I end to myself!
    So, when I saw your tip,it occurred to me that I could try this method to send pictures, of the Codtco images I saved from their ads, so my son can shop using his phone as the list.
    Please help!

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