I’m Giving Chrome A Try

A reader who is a big fan of Internet Explorer wrote to let me know she’s taking my advice to give other browsers a try.

“I’m using Chrome just to check it out.  Used Firefox this a.m.  I’m trying to not be so short-sighted, and trying to not be so objective of change.  ‘Most things change.  All you can do is control your own reaction to the new reality.'”

I’m glad you’re willing to give change a chance. You’ll be surprised at how fast you will get used to other browsers.

Chrome is by far the most popular browser out there. Let’s check out the market share stats for browsers according to W3 Counter:

  • Chrome: 63.7%
  • Safari: 13.6%
  • Firefox: 4.5 %
  • Internet Explorer 3%
  • Edge: 2.58%
  • Opera: 2.1%

I like Microsoft Edge and I’m also a big fan of Opera. Don’t let the low numbers fool you, this privacy-focused browser has a lot going for it.

I suggest downloading several browsers to test which one works best for you. Remember, if you have any questions, I’m here to help.


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