Paint/Picassa Questions

A reader has three questions that involve photos in Windows.

“Can you store and organize in Paint, like in Picassa? Where is Picassa anyway? Or like WLPG? I need to repair WLPG- you could do an article on it? It doesn’t run parallel to Picture Library like it used to.”

Let me take your questions one at a time.

  1. Paint is an image editing program. It doesn’t have a separate storage area. Photos are stored and organized in the Windows Photo Library.
  2. Picassa was discontinued and images were transferred to Google Photos.

If you had Picassa images, follow this link to look for them:


Your archived files that contain information like tags and captions should still be available at this link:


Google Photos offers many of the same options as Picassa, I advise checking them out.

3. Regarding Windows Live Photo Gallery, I’m not surprised you’re having issues with it. Microsoft ended support for the program back in January 2017. There is no longer any bug or security support for the program.  I would not suggest using it, as it is vulnerable to attack.

I hope I’ve addressed your questions. If you have any more, let me know.

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