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I took a book advertising webinar the other day and the instructor had some interesting advice. She said that you should never use the term “download” when trying to sell an eBook because many people don’t know what the term means or find it intimidating.

Of course, it’s a term I use all of the time. And I know that happens sometimes. I use a term that I am familiar with and not everyone knows what it means. So, I thought I’d go over the basics of what download means.  Even if you know what the term means, it’s a good reminder that not everyone does.

Download means you’re saving a file to your device from another source. These days, it normally means that you’re saving it from the cloud using your Internet connection to deliver it.

If you tap that buy button on an eBook, you download it to your Kindle. When you save an image from online, you’re downloading it to your device. When you buy a program or app to install on your phone or computer, you download it from the app store.


If you use an email client like Thunderbird, Windows Mail, or Outlook, you download copies of your email messages onto your computer. If someone attaches a photo or document to an email and you save it, you’ve downloaded that file. Updates to your computer or phone are downloaded and then installed.

Most downloads don’t require you to do anything more than hit a ‘save’ or ‘buy’ button. Apps will usually start installing, eBooks appear on your eReader.


Oftentimes, but not always, downloaded files show up in the Downloads folder on your device.

Hope that clears things up.

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