Yesterday, in part one of this article, we showed you how to block calls on your Android phone.  (Click here to read that.)  Today, we’ll check out more options for controlling calls. To check out the call settings, open your phone app and tap the three-dot menu at the top right. Then select Settings from the drop-down menu.


We reviewed how to block calls in part one of this article. First up, let’s look at your Quick Decline Message options. When you get a call, you can choose to decline with a message.


You can create your own messages and edit the default messages here. To create one, just start typing and tap the + button.


Your next option is for Answering and ending calls.


You can choose to have your phone read caller names aloud.  You can also answer calls by pressing the Volume up button. You can turn on Answer Automatically to answer all incoming calls while you’re device is connected to a headset. You can also turn on the ability to end calls by pressing the Power key.


There’s also the option to see incoming and ongoing calls in a pop-up window so you can use other apps while talking.


Tap Call alerts and ringtones to select whether you want vibrations or tones to signal the beginning and end of calls.


Ringtones and keypad tones allow you to adjust the sounds and vibrations of your phone.


You also have the option to permit video calls and WiFi Calling.