Take control of calls on your Android phone: Block numbers

I always joke that while I can basically manage my business from my Android phone, the one thing I have the most problem with is actually making phone calls. It’s not too far from the truth. While I often use advanced features on my camera and in other apps, I keep it pretty basic when it comes to using the phone, and I’m missing out on a lot of great features.

Today, we’re going to look at the Settings for the Android phone app. I’ll be demonstrating on my personal Samsung phone. Keep in mind that since there are multiple manufacturers of Android phones, the operating system looks a little bit different on all of them.

I always like to point out that the device in your pocket isn’t a phone. It’s a small tablet computer with an app that makes phone calls. To start, we’ll tap the Phone icon to open the Phone app.


Click the 3-dot menu at the top right.


Choose Settings from the drop-down menu.


Scroll down to Call Settings.


Select Block numbers to see a list of numbers you’ve blocked.  You can choose to block all unknown callers or to enter a number to block manually. If you choose to block all unknown callers, you may miss messages or texts from friends with new numbers or from businesses or a doctor’s office that’s never called you before.


You can also block a number by tapping on Recent calls or Contacts. Tap the contact or number you wish to block.


Tap Details.


You’ll see information about the number or the contact. Select Block number from the bottom right of the screen.


You’ll have to confirm that you want to block the number. You won’t receive any calls or texts from that number.


We’ll look at more options tomorrow, in part 2 of this tip.

2 thoughts on “Take control of calls on your Android phone: Block numbers

  1. Thanks, but I always get voicemail messages from a number that doesn’t show up in my recent calls list. I’ve tried adding that number to my Block list, but it gets through nevertheless. Any way to stop that from happening? I even installed Robokiller, and for two weeks it stopped. But, it’s at it again. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks!

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