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All this week, we’ve been learning about Google Photos. If you haven’t checked out the other articles:

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Today, I’ll show you all about the editing options. Let’s start by selecting a photo to open. You’ll find control in the upper-right corner of your photo.


Choose the Edit icon. It looks like three lines with slider handles on them.


A side panel will pop out.


Your first option is to select a filter.


Click on Auto and Google photos will make automatic adjustments to improve your picture.


Choose other filters and you can adjust the intensity of the effect by moving the slider bar.


When you’re satisfied with the image, you can click Done or click the three-dot menu icon.


From here, you can save a copy of the image with edits and preserve the original. You can also save a copy of the adjustments in order to apply it to other photos.


You can then open another image, click the three-dot icon and paste the edits onto that photo.


Your next choice is to make basic adjustments like light, color, and what Photos calls “pop.” Move the slider bars to adjust.


Click the arrow next to the adjustments for more detailed adjustments.


Your final option is Crop.


Here’s the crop screen.


Click on the Aspect ratio icon to pick from pre-set choices.


Or just grab the handles of the image to adjust freely.


From here, you can also rotate the image. Click Auto to allow Photos to select your best cropping option.



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  1. What is the best way to save a photo from Google photos to my computer? I do this so that I can print some photos myself at home. But to do this, it is a multi-step annoying process.

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