Google Keep – Add Drawings & Images

This week, we’re learning all about Google Keep – a free notebook app that you can use for free.

On Monday, I introduced you to Keep.  (You can click here to read that tip.)

On Tuesday, we learned how to make checklists and change note colors. (Click here to read that tip.)

Today, we’ll learn how to draw in notes and add images. To create a note with a drawing, click the New note with drawing icon.


You can add a drawing to an existing note by clicking the three-dot menu icon and choosing Add drawing from the drop-down menu.


The Drawing tools menu will appear at the top.


Click on a drawing tool to choose the size of the line and the color. Choose from pen, marker, and highlighter.


Click the Background icon choose Squares, Dots, or Rules.


To start a new note with an image, click on the New note with image icon.


Or click the image icon inside an existing note.


Then choose the image.


The image will be added to the note.


Our look at Keep continues tomorrow.

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