Google Keep – Create Labels & Archive

All this week, we’ve been learning about Google Keep.

On Monday, I introduced you to Keep.  (You can click here to read that tip.)

On Tuesday, we learned how to make checklists and change note colors. (Click here to read that tip.)

On Wednesday, we explored how to add images and drawings to notes. (Click here to read that tip.)

Today, we’re going to learn how to use labels to organize the notes you make in Google Keep. Labels work like folders in other programs.

You can create a label by clicking Edit labels on the left.


Type the name of the new label in the box and click on Done.


The new label will appear at the left.


To add a label to a note, click the three-dot menu icon in the note. Choose Add label from the menu.


You can create a new label or add it to an existing label.


Click on a label to see all of the notes that are assigned to it.


To clean up your Keep desktop, you can choose archive older notes that you may not need to immediately access every day.  Click the Archive icon inside a note to Archive.




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