How can I watch DVDs on my PC?

A reader is having a problem watching DVDs on her PC.

“Is there a free video player I can watch DVDs with on my computer? I used to be able to and the one we have is not letting me watch one I just bought.”

If you’ve been able to watch DVDs on your current PC, I’d first suggest trying some of your other DVDs. There’s always the possibility that you purchased a bad DVD or perhaps a Blu-ray. You’ll need a Blu-ray drive if you want to play Blu-ray discs.

If this is a new PC or you’ve recently upgraded to Windows 10, you are probably in need of a player. Windows 10 doesn’t come with a player for the types of DVDs used for movies, even though many Windows 10 PCs come with a DVD drive that can read software and burn files to DVD.

I suggest the excellent VLC Media Player. It’s free and I’ve yet to find anything it won’t open. VLC Play was developed by VideoLAN organization, a non-profit the promotes free, open-source multimedia solutions. You can choose to donate if you wish, but it’s not required.

And you can get it for Windows, Mac, and Linux! It’s also available in the Android and Apple app stores.

To download, click here.

You’ll be asked if you’d like to make a donation, but it’s voluntary. After you use it and see how great it is, go back and give them a little. They certainly deserve it for this program.

VLC works on Windows, Mac, and Linux. Select your OS.

Watch out for this ad for another software program. Don’t click here.

Then run the program from your downloads folder. You’ll need to give it permission to install.

Pick your language.

Follow the instructions of the installation Wizard.

You can customize which components to install but a standard installation will work for most people.

Then choose Install.

A status bar will keep you up-do-date on progress.

When it’s done, click Finish.

VLC is now ready to go! There are no ads, spyware, or tracking software in VLC.


If, after installing the program, you still can’t play any DVDs, there may be a mechanical issue with your drive.

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  1. Thank you for this tip and ‘how-to.’ Please, will these tips be consolidated in the monthly Tech Tips?

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