DVD Won’t Play In VLC

I told you early about VLC Player. It’s a great option for playing DVDs on your PC, Mac, or Linux computer. (Click here to learn all about it.)

But when I installed it on my newest computer, I had some issues getting DVDs to play. Normally, to play a DVD with VLC Player, you click Media on the menu.

Then select Open Disc from the menu. I could not get VLC to recognize the disk in the drive. When I tried to play, it just kept spinning.

After a little research, I found the solution. Start by clicking Tools from the menu at the top. Then select Preferences.

This menu will open.

Click Video at the top.

Scroll down to Video.

Click the arrow next to Deinterlacing and choose On from the drop-down menu.

Now , click the arrow next to Mode. Choose Yadif from the drop-down menu.

Then hit Save.

And just like that, VLC recognized my disk.

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