VLC Frozen on DVD Menu

A reader took my suggestion to try VLC media player to play DVDs on her Windows 10 PC. But she’s having some issues.

“I feel sooo frustrated that I couldn’t figure it out.  I wanted to play a movie. Our TV quit so that means watching on the computer.  So I put the disk in.  It actually started but just like when you first start play on the (old fashion) DVD players. But it shows preview scenes.  I couldn’t figure out how to make the movie actually start playing.  It was like it was stuck in that beginning mode.  I guess call it “options mode”   I saw the directions to click on media and open disc.  There is a button on there to click play.  But it doesn’t play.  It just snaps back to the previews that keep playing over and over.”

Thankfully, I’ve got an easy fix for you. Click Media in the Menu bar. Choose Open Disc.

This menu will open.

Tick the box next to No disc menus.

Hit Play.

Your DVD should start playing.

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