Lockdown Boosts Notebook Sales

There’s one business that’s not suffering due to the COVID-19 lockdown: laptop and notebook computers.

The first three months of 2020 were the worst on record for sales of desktops and notebooks computers, sales plunged 8.2%.

Then lockdown happened. With many companies switching to remote work, a lot of people needed a computer at home.

Home PC sales have suffered as more people used their smartphones for email, surfing the Internet, and games. But a phone won’t cut it in most work environments.

Even those with computers often discovered that they needed a newer device to keep up with the tech required for work or school. Also, many companies purchased devices to enable employees to work efficiently from home.

According to numbers from Canalys, April, May, and June, computer sales jumped 9%. The jump in sales was powered by a demand for notebook computers.

HP was the top dog with 24.8% of the market share. Lenovo came in second at 23.9. Dell was a distant number three with 16.5% of shipments. Apple held 7.3% of the market followed by Acer at 6.8%.

Have you acquired or upgraded tech due to lockdown? Let us know in the comments.

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