Windows Reliability Monitor

Here’s a great tool that helps you monitor the health of your PC and perhaps help you prevent disaster.

Start by typing ‘reliability’ into your search box and click on the result.

Reliability Monitor will generate a report.

Here’s what the report looks like.

Your computer’s stability is assessed on a scale of 1 to 10 at the left. You can check the dates at the bottom.

Alerts are coded:

  • Blue i for informational
  • Yellow ! for warnings
  • Red x for critical events

Click on any date to see details on events. Don’t get too panicky about the critical events. That can be something fairly simple like a program that stopped responding.

Click on View technical details to learn more.

The details are indeed, really technical, so you might not understand all of it.

If all of your red x’s seemed to be related to one particular issue, you might want to have a closer look at the program that’s having the problem.

You have the option to save your reports for future reference.

2 thoughts on “Windows Reliability Monitor

  1. Dear Cyn. M, What Program can / Do I choose to Open up & Save the Reliability Report on My Laptop?

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