Use the Papyrus Pinboard

I introduced you to the free Papyrus word processor earlier. (You can click here to read that article)

Papyrus has all the features you expect from a Word Processor, plus a a few aimed at authors. Today, I’ll show you the Pinboard.

The Pinboard allows you pin specific bits of text where you can find them for reference. Start by opening a document in Papyrus. The space on either side of the document is the Pinboard.

Highlight the text you want to pin.

Single-click the highlighted area and drag it to the side.

Click at the top to rename your Pinboard or do add additional Pinboards.

If you create more than one Pinboard, just click on the titles to switch back and forth.

Papyrus allow allows you create sticky notes within your document. Position the cursor near where you want the note, then click the sticky note icon at the top of the document.

When the note appears, just type in the box.

Or right-click in the Pinboard and choose Sticky Note.

You can also add images to the Pinboard. Just click and drag. Choose between storing the image in the document or storing it as a reference.

The Pinboard and sticky notes will stay with your document in Papyrus. If you export it as a PDF or Word Document, your notes won’t go with it.

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