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Yesterday, I told about a free word processor aimed at writers called Papyrus and walked you the process of downloading an installing. (click here if you want to read that article.)

Today, we’ll take a tour of Papyrus. Here’s what it looks like when you first open. If you’re using the free version, you’ll see a nag screen suggesting an upgrade to the pro version. You don’t have to upgrade to use Papyrus. The features that come with the pro version are aimed more at professional writers.

We’ll turn our attention to the panel at left. You have the option of creating a new document or starting a new project. We’ll start by creating a new document.

You have the option to start a plain blank page, standard label, or standard letter. If you’re writer by trade or hobby, you can also choose from several manuscript templates.

Here’s what a simple blank page looks like.

At the top, you’ll find this menu.

When you click on menu items, you’ll find familiar options similar to other word processing programs.

Just start typing in the document.

It’s simple to add headings, bullets, and other formatting.

Change font, size, and text style from the top menu.

Now let’s save a document.

You can save the document as a Word document, PDF, ePub, Mobi, and several other formats. Papyrus will also open Word documents and allow you to edit them.

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