Gmail Quick Settings Part 3

We’ve been learning about Gmail’s new Quick Settings menu this week. This feature makes is quick and easy to customize your inbox.

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Today, we’ll learn out to customize the layout of the inbox and how messages are displayed.

Start by opening your Gmail inbox and clicking on the Settings icon at the upper right.

When the Quick Settings Menu opens, scroll down to Reading Pane.

Let’s check your options. The default of No split looks like this.

Select Right of Inbox and you’ll see a preview panel at the right.

Choose Below Inbox and the preview is at the bottom.

At the bottom of your Quick Settings options is Conversation View. When it’s enabled it groups email exchanges into threads. It’s meant to be a convenience when you’re corresponding with the same person on a similar topic. I actually really hate it. My first move would be to untick that box.

Now, if you want more in-depth settings and not the quick view, click on See All Settings at the top of the menu.

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