5 Tips For Distance Learning

If your kids or grandkids are attending school this fall virtually all or part of the time, it can be a challenge to keep everyone focused on the schoolwork. I’ve got five tips that can make that process a whole lot easier.

Get Up and Get Dressed

Some distance learning allows kids to stick to their own schedule, other times there are designated class times. No matter which method your child uses, it’s important to treat it like real school.

Make sure your kids wake up in plenty of time to get dressed and have breakfast before beginning class. No rolling out of bed five minutes before the 9 am class starts. No attending video class in your pajamas while eating a Pop Tart.

Get cleaned up, dressed, and fed before it’s time to learn. If you treat virtual learning like a real classroom, kids get the message that it’s the real thing.

Set A Schedule

If your children don’t have to follow a fixed schedule for classes, create one. Kids, everyone really, respond best to a set schedule. Set aside fixed time for classes, homework, projects, and don’t forget about physical activity.

Breaks to burn off energy and refocus are important. A set lunch or break time is important. Have the child get up and walk around for a five minutes at least once an hour to keep the circulation going.

Distraction Free

School time is meant for school work. Make sure unneeded electronic devices are put away. No texting their friends during math class. Kimit the amount of background noise. Your child won’t focus on schoolwork if a favorite video is playing in the TV screen.

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Make sure to set boundaries for younger siblings and other adults in the hose. During school time, your child’s attention belongs n the classroom.

Create a Separate Space

Do your best to create a separate learning space. Even if it’s just the corner of a room or bedroom. If you must use the kitchen table, keep the room off-limits to everything but learning during class time.

That may mean throwing something in the slow cooker before class starts or fixing dinner the night before. Again, do your best to stick to a schedule.

Ask For Help

If you hit a wall when it comes to helping your child out with a subject, don’t be afraid to contact their instructors for help. If the teacher can’t help you out, he or she may be able to refer you to the right resources.

Even when it comes to behavioral issues related to schoolwork, a teacher may be able to offer suggestions or other resources.

Bottom Line

The most important thing for adults to understand is that you must treat home instruction like ‘real’ school if you want your child to respect the process.

Even if you find home instruction frustrating, try to keep positive about it in the presence of kids. You set the tone at home and little pitchers have big ears.

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