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This handy web tool allows you to take a screenshot of any webpage to archive as sort of a time capsule. Even if the page completely disappears, your screenshot will always be online. You can also use it to find websites that are no longer live.

This differs from a regular screenshot because the site saves not only the graphics but the actual text for a more accurate copy. It also generates a handy short link you can use. The site also allows you to search for webpages that have gone missing.

Start by heading to this link:

You’ll have the option to archive a live page or start searching for a lost page.

If you want to save a currently live page, copy the web address and paste it into the alive URL box. Then click save.

It take a few seconds to generate.

Here’s what the archived page looks like.

The shortened link appears in the address bar.

Click the tabs at the top to switch between a screenshot and an actual copy of the page.

You have the option to share the site or download a ZIP files of the copy.

To search for archived snapshots, type the page into archive search box.

I found an archive of the old Worldstart page.

Just click to view.

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