If you’d like to use a special character that’s not readily available to you on your keyboard or in your font selection, this site provides a fantastic shortcut.

Maybe you want a particular emoji you can’t pull up or some kind of symbol that’s buried deep in a font like Wingdings that you don’t feel like switching to. This makes it simple.

Start by following this link:

This page will open:

By default, the site opens to the most popular characters.

Click the tabs at the top to sort by Letters, Punctuation, Math, Numbers, Currency, Symbols, Arrows, and Emoji.

There’s a really nice selection of arrows.

There’s also a pretty good alternative to an emoji keyboard.

To select a character, just click on it.

Go to where you want to paste the character. Either right-click or press Ctrl + V to paste.

The symbol will appear in your document.

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