Cortana Switches Focus

Yesterday, I gave you a first look at Cortana’s new look in Windows 10 v. 2004. (Click here to read that article)

Besides a new look, the virtual assistant is also getting a new focus. Microsoft is positioning it more as a productivity assistant than a personal assistant like Alexa or Google.

For example, Cortana will no longer play music or operate smart home devices. Cortana used to connect with some third-party devices but Microsoft has removed those functions.

Microsoft has also killed off the Cortana apps for Android and iPhone. Also gone from this new version of Windows 10, is Cortana’s notebook.

Cortana can still do a whole lot, but it’s more focused on getting the job done these days.

Let’s take a look around. When you open the app, you’ll notice query suggestions above the field where you type questions.

If offers suggestions for questions to ask or tasks to assign Cortana. Among them setting reminders, asking questions like ‘what’s the tallest building in the world,’ or having Cortana check your schedule for meetings.

Or you can choose to ask Cortana for a random fact.

Here’s how to create a reminder. To use your voice, say “Hey Cortana, create a reminder.” Then give the name of the reminder, the date, and time.

You can also type in ‘Create a reminder.”

Cortana will ask you to fill in the pertinent information.

Cortana will create the reminder.

We’ll continue our look at Cortana in part 3 of this series.

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